Introduction: Personalised Party Hats

I made each hat to suit each party guest - rather than using name place cards.
e.g my mum loves Elvis, My sister collects Lucky Budhas, and my niece is a huge Harry Potter fan. etc

I used the Same Semi-Circle Template for each hat to make the cone shape, and using Adobe Illustrator I added the graphics to the semi circle template file.
Remember to ad a tab along one edge for sticking and making the cones.
Print them off along with and extra bits e.g cheshire cat smile and tail

I used wire, pom poms, ribbon etc to add the details
I used double sided tape to stick along the tab to make up the cone shape.
Staple elastic to the bottom to make the strap.

Sorry if not much info - it's my first post and I made these last Christmas - so I do not have any more photos apart from the finished ones.