Introduction: Perfectly Prodigious Polystyrene Plant Plate!

I am temporarily living away from my home country. I'm away long enough to want the comforts of home, but not long enough to invest in things like nice plant pots that I'll not take back with me. I recently recovered a bunch of sturdy and asethetically acceptable plant pots from the side of the road, and have a bunch of plants that I can put in them. My problem was no saucers... I cast about for a suitable solution and my eyes came to rest on the pile of polystyrene produce trays sitting waiting to be disposed of...

These trays are a source of frustration. They are not easily recyclable, but almost unavoidable when buying groceries. I have previously chopped them up to make christmas decorations, but there is really only so many decorations you can make!

This instructable show you a quick and easy way of reusing meat trays as planter saucers (or craft supply platters, or, or, or...).

Step 1: Materials



Polystyrene trays

Note: the plant pots will sink down into the polystyrene a bit if the pot is heavy. Make sure your pot has inset sections like the one above, so that it will drain properly - you don't want to drown your plant!

Step 2: Process

Make sure your trays are clean, and watertight - some of mine had knife holes through them, or cracks down the edges.

Choose your paint colour - consider the colour of your pot, and the colour of the plant/flowers going into it.

Set up your painting supplies and start painting. Long even strokes give the best finish. You will find that some colours need a second coat to hide brushmarks and give a more even finish.

Step 3: Extras

I wanted a solid colour for my planter saucers, but you can obviously decorate these in any way you want - stripes, patterns or flowers - you are in charge!

If you you are using the trays for crafting or storage, or just want the finish to last a bit longer, you may want to consider using modge podge (an all-in-one glue, sealer and finisher) or similar as an overcoat.

Be careful when lifting these with a pot on it - they are not dreadfully strong!

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