Introduction: Personalized Eggshell Mosaic Coat Rack

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I recently got totally hooked up in eggshell mosaic and was in the process of doing some projects...imagine my pleasure when this challenge came up :-)...I hope i can speed up on my Tray so i may add that too!

Step 1: What You Need

Ply wood
gesso/ primmer
egg shells ....loads of them...membrance peeled off and shells well dried
water colors
1/2" x1" x12" wooden slat...or longer depending on the name

Step 2:

Cut your plywood into a may cut the top in a curve for design purpose. Gesso / prime it.
Trace the name on it using a carbon to transfer the letters. remember to leave 1" at the bottom for the Slat ( DO NOT PLACE ANY SHELLS IN THIS AREA)

Now apply glue and place your shells on it and slowly move the shells so there will be slight gap.Do this for the whole negative area of the letters.
Once the whole negative area is done...paint with water colors or alcohol ink....i decided to do mine in Rainbow colors.
Let it dry.
Now place small pieces of shells in the letters...i used the natural white of the shell...if you want to use other colors...first dye the shells and then crack them to pieces and then place them in the letters...if your letters are may crack the shells in the letters.
You may varnish now or at the end...but remember to vanish about 3 times...make sure you cover the whole area...and the varnish should go to the gaps.

Step 3: The Finishing Touches

Now measure the width of your wooden piece and cut the slat to the length.  Paint it and nail it at the bottom of the the Mosaic( remember i told to leave a gap of 1" in step 2).
Drill 2 holes at both ends so you may screw it to the wall
now attach your hooks and you  are DONE!
Enjoy your personalized coat rack!
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