Introduction: Personalized Storable From Oats/Granola Container

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If you eat oats almost every morning like I do, you know how quickly those little containers can accumulate in your recycle bin. While recycling is a perfectly acceptable way to discard of those cardboard contraptions, I found another (better) use for them. I turned them into chic, personalized storable containers ... in about three mintues!

If you like a clean, organized appearance to your home--be it in the kitchen, garage, or craft room--I suggest you put those empty oats/granola containers to good use by following these steps.

(FYI, cylinders at Storables and The Container Store can run up to $10 a piece. Think how much money you'll be saving.) 

Step 1: Materials Needed

For this project, you'll need the following:

-empty oats/granola container
- scissors
-glue or glue stick
-magazines or other text conatining images you like
-measuring tape 

Step 2: Measure Dimensions of Container

After making sure all oat debris has been removed, measure the circumference and height of the container (if your container has a lip at the top, simply ignore that and measure around the main body).

In my case, the container was 7 inches tall and 12.5 inches around.

Step 3: Select Image and Cut Out

For all my containers, I use images from the FREE Anthroplogie catalogs that are delivered to my home every season. This is the time to personalize your container. If you like abstract prints, cut images out of an art magazine. If you're using these containers in the garage or kitchen, you can select pictures of the items that will eventually be contained in your new storable. In short, do whatever works for you.

This particular catalog is not long enough to match the 12.5 inch circumference needed, so I selected two pages and made sure together they measured 12.5 X 7.

Mark dimensions on the image and cut out. 

Step 4: Glue, Store, and Enjoy!

Using either a glue stick or regular liquid glue, attach the images to the container. Press images down with your hands to smooth out any bumps.

Just a warning, if you're using liquid glue, only use the minimum amount to adhere the image to the container. Too much glue might seep through the paper and make the end result look sloppy.

Let dry, add contents, and place on shelf or counter.

Supereasy, right?

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