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Introduction: Personalized Upcycled Lamp

Using a few items in creative ways, a color changing lamp was simple and affordable for me to build.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Like most instructions, the first step is to gather supplies. You will need:
One 2x6x8" board, an extension cord, a color changing LED bulb (E27) plus a ceramic wall socket for the bulb, a clear cylindrical cooking container covering 4 inches in diameter, and a piece of tissue paper. I also recommend a high source of caffeine because the details added are strenuous.

Step 2: Prepare Base

To begin, sand and stain/paint your base to preference. Once dry, decide on placements. Lay the ceramic piece on one side of the board about 1/2 an inch away from the edge of the 6 inch side and mark the places for the screws with a tap on a nail through the holes. Using a small drill bit, countersink these spots.
Next, Carve a notch in the center of the 6x8" side going about 1/4" into the 2x6 side and about 3/4 in from the edge to place the cord.

Step 3: Wire the Lamp

Do these steps with the cord unplugged. Using wire cutters, cut the extension cord to size I cut mine right below the female outlet part shown above. Strip about 3/4" on both wires. Wrap the wires around the terminals of the lamp socket clockwise and then tighten the screws down to establish a firm connection. To test that you did this correctly, install the bulb and plug the cord in. If light doesn't light within 10 seconds, unplug and switch the terminal wires around.

Step 4: Lamp to Base

Using the two wood screws that came with it, screw the socket to the board with the cord being pressed through the notch made earlier. In the next steps, a shade and frame will be developed. These things are optional for a lamp, but needed for this lamp.

Step 5: Shade and Frame

To build this, you first must take apart the container being sure not to break any parts (Pic 2). Once the lid parts are taken off the container, roll the tissue paper to fit the inside of it and attach it by glue. I used spray adhesive.

Step 6: Attach the Shade and Frame Stand

Using the locking metal pieces, you can attach the shade to the board. Drill a hole into the handle piece. The piece that attached the lid to this needs to be removed. Originally it looks like image 2. Straightening it, make it match image 3. This piece goes into the back of the strap around the cylinder to hold it in place. after you've done that, go ahead and screw the piece that you drilled a hole into. This will hold the shade down. Next, take the spare metal not attached to anything and drill a hole in center and on both edges. I used spare screws to hold these down (pic 5) and slid the frame holder under.

Step 7: Finishing Steps!

Your lamp is now fully completed other than the addition of your favorite picture and the carving of your note. I recommend using either tacky glue or rubber cement on the picture and to trim after dry. As for your note, I found the best route is to type the note inside a word box smaller than 2x6" and than tape it to the end piece. I used a Soldering Iron at 800° to burn the words in.

Step 8: Done!

Your personalized lamp is done! Enjoy countless hours of light enjoyment at any of the mood settings.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, yeah this is pretty cool! I love things like this! Keep it up.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    It took me about 3 hours once I gathered everything. The staining process took a bit longer, but I used a piece of scrap from my Loft Bed (Instructable coming soon!) Now that I've made one, I feel about a half hour of struggle can be removed.