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Introduction: Pesky Fairy Catching Kit

Are you tired of those pesky fae flitting about your garden knocking things over and hiding your car keys? Ever wanted to catch one and give it a good telling off? Well now you can! Protect your stuff by following these simple steps to put together your very own fairy catching kit.

Step 1: Find a Jar

You will need to begin with a jar in which to keep your fairy. Glass jars are necessary for observing the fairies that you catch. If you are hunting a fairy outside, size does not matter, as long as your jar has a lid! If you prefer to take a more passive approach and leave your fairy catching kit in your window for the fairies to fly into the jar, a larger jar is recommended. Make sure that your jar is clean and free from any old food or ointment that may have been in the jar before you use it. Jars are easy to find at garage sales, charity shops and local craft stores.

Step 2: Select Your Net

A large net does increase your chances of catching one of the fae. However, it also increases your chances of being spotted by them as you approach. Many more experienced hunters prefer a smaller, less conspicuous net.

To make your own small net:

  • cut a piece of wire about 9 and a half inches long.
  • Using a pair of pliers, gently bend one end into a small circle and twist the excess around the handle.
  • At the other end, make a tiny loop and wrap the excess around the handle.
  • Next, cut a piece of tulle or netting that is 3 inches wide and as long as the circumference of your net loop.
  • Fold 1/4 inch of net over the loop and sew close to the wire and down the seam. Tie the open end shut by looping the thread around several times and tying it tight.

Step 3: Collect Your Fairy Lure and Treat

The fae are naturally drawn to shiny objects and sweet treats. By using fairy lure and desserts your chances of attracting fairies increases. I recommend having a picnic in the area in which you plan to hunt. This is a great way to enjoy a nice day out and attract fairies without raising their suspicions. Sprinkle a little fairy lure in a wide circle around your picnic blanket and then sit down for a little nosh. After awhile, go for a short walk, put on your fairy camouflage (a pair of fairy wings), and then creep back toward your picnic spot. You should be able to spot several fae licking the icing off your dishes or dancing in the glitter.

If you are unable to get out of your house for a picnic, do not be discouraged. Just set your jar in an open window with the lid off. Sprinkle a little fairy lure around the jar and over the window sill. Carefully place a tiny piece of cake or pastry in your jar and wait. The fairy will be attracted to the shiny fairy lure and then fly into the jar to eat the treat. When it does, just pop the lid on as quick as you can!

The best fairy lure that I have found is holographic glitter. You can find some on Amazon HERE. Choose nice bright colors. Pour the glitter into smaller vials to make it more portable. You can also find these on Amazon HERE.

For a little treat, I have found that wee dollhouse food works really well. I find a lot of cute pastries and desserts on Ebay. Amazon has a few as well, like these DONUTS.

Step 4: Acquire a Notebook and Pencil

I advise that you acquire a notebook and pencil to jot down observations and make little sketches of the fairies that you catch, especially if they are horribly pesky. You will be relocating these pesky fairies and keeping notes will help you to identify the fairies that find their way back so that you may relocate them further away.

If you cannot acquire a notebook, a matchbook notebook is very easy to create:

  • Find some decorative paper for the cover and cut out a 2.5 x 6 inch rectangle.
  • Starting at one end, make a crease at 2.5 inches, then 1/8 inches, then 2 3/4 inches, and 1/8 inches. Your cover should look like a little matchbook.
  • Next, cut out several pieces of plain paper that are 2 1/4 x 2 1/2 inches for the pages inside.
  • Once you have assembled all of the pieces, just staple it all together and you are done!

Step 5: Catch a Fairy!

Use all of the steps I have outlined and catch yourself a pesky fairy! When outside, remember to sneak up on the fairies as they frolic on your picnic. If you make a kit for inside, place the jar near an open window and sprinkle a little fairy lure around it. Remove the lid and wait! When a fairy flies in to have a little snack, quickly pop on the lid! Every pesky fairy catching kit should have enough fairy food and shiny things to occupy a fairy for 24 to 48 hours. When relocating pesky fairies, make sure that you are releasing them into a similar habitat to the one that you are taking them from. Otherwise, they will return and carry on with their mischief making. These jars are for observational purposes only, so make sure to release your fairy in a timely manner to follow safe catch and release practices. Happy Hunting!

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