Introduction: Phone Holder With a Charging Outlet

Make an easy holder for your phone that has a charging outlet! Follow these easy steps with these materials that you probably have in your household.


- Cardboard

- A carton

- Glue/Tape

- Scissors

- Color Pencils/ Markers (Optional)

Step 1: Make the Base of the Holder

To make the base of the holder, gather a piece of cardboard and a carton. Make sure the dimensions of the carton are similar to the ones of the cardboard. Next proceed to mark a tiny rectangle on the cardboard, the size of your phone charges, and cut that out forming a rectangular whole. Do the same for the carton. Lastly, glue or tape the carton onto the cardboard where the rectangular holes are opposite each other. Cut out any remaining cardboard or pieces of carton that aren't glued together.

Step 2: Make a Cylinder-like Figure Out of Paper

The second step of this process is to form a cylinder-like figure out of paper in order to stabilize the phone. Firstly fold the paper into a cylinder and make sure it's dimensions fit on the base of the holder. Then proceed to use tape or glue the form on top of the carton and use extra paper or tape to make sure it's stable and doesn't fall.

Step 3: Customize and Decorate

The last step is to customize your product to your choice. I have drawn simple zentangles, but feel free to do whatever you desire. Make it unique, make it your own! If you want to spend more time, you can decorate the rest of the product, the cardboard, and the carton.

Step 4: Test and Enjoy!

Now that you've finished your product test it out! Plug your phone through the holder to see if you're phone charges or even play music to check the sound qualities. Share your creation with others and enjoy the phone holder!

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