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October, autumn is here. And with it, the rainy days spent watching films and series. But on a little screen, it hurts the eyes, doesn't it? The solution is very easy to build without a lot of material, and will make your evenings so much better!

Step 1: Find What You Need

To build your projector you'll nedd:

-a shoebox (empty of course)

-a cutter or a knife

(to cut I use a little knife when I don't find my cutter and honestly it doesn't change a lot)

-a loupe

-some cardboard

-some glue

Step 2: Fix the Loupe

  • Draw the contour of the loupe on a little side of the box → remove the handle if you can; draw around it if you can't
  • Cut a little bit smaller than the size of the loup, so you won't need glue to make it stay still
  • Place the loupe

If it doesn't stay still, glue it

Step 3: Make the Phone Holder

  • First, cut this kind of box showed on the picture
  • Glue it
  • Glue 2 triangles behind

Step 4: Use It

To adjust the clarity of the image, bring the phone closer or move it away from the loupe, or move the box away from the wall.

Also, I advise you to use it with bluetooth headphones/earphones/speaker because the sound coming from a cardboard box is quite bad

Finally the loupe flip the image up and down and right and left. Therefore you have to lock the position of the image on your phone and put it in the wrong up/down way. The problem is that you can't inverse the left and the right, so you won't be able to read anything on your projector.

Step 5: P-S

I'm French so English isn't my native language. Consequently, some things that I write can be clear for me but not for readers, so don't hesitate to ask if you have questions or problems.

Finally you may have noticed that some photos have lower quality, it's because I can't take a photo of my phone with my phone (QED) so I used a tablet.

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