Introduction: Phone and PS Vita Charging Dock (Made With LEGO)

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Ever wanted to be able dock your Smartphone or PS Vita and charge it at the same time. There many docks out there that can be bought at a cost, but who wants a a flimsy plastic dock, when you can make your own sturdy, DIY LEGO Dock? Read on to see how YOU can make your own LEGO charging dock, for Free!

Step 1: Materials Needed (No Tools Needed With LEGO (: )

Lego----------------- Various Pieces are needed, (See Below)
Blu-tack / Sugru-- About a lump the size of a dollar coin.
Phone / PS Vita-- Just one needed :)
Charging cable-- The cable that came with your device

(Not all of the pieces are in the picture...)
Pieces of LEGO used:
Thin Pieces:
1 3x2
1 4x2
2 6x1
1 6x4
2 8x3 (Triangular piece for the "headboard")
1 8x4
2 8x1
1 8x6 (Hollow sqaure like a square donut/ "O")
1 8x2
2 10x2
2 10x4
1 12x1
3 12x2
1 16x2
4 2x1 Hinges

Normal depth pieces:
8 2x2
9 3x2
4 4x2

Step 2: Assembling the Base

First, place two thin 10x4 Lego pieces side by as shown in the first image, then put a thin 16x2 piece on top of them, leaving a gap 2 squares wide. Next, take two thin 12x2 pieces and place them in front of the already assembled pieces and add two thin 6x1 pieces on the sides as shown. Now flip over the base and add a thin 10x2 piece over the two 12x2 pieces and take a hollow "donut" square with a thin 8x1 piece on the longer side and position it on the bottom of the base. Make two "legs" as shown and place these on both ends of the bottom of the base. Finally, create a third "leg" and place it in between the first two legs. Set your completed base aside and move on to the next step.

Step 3: Assembling the "headboard"

The follow instructions are in the same order as the diagram above.

(You can use both simultaneously... (; ) If you have any problems or questions, comment below and I will try to answer them as quickly as possible... :)

Place four thin hinges on a thin 8x1 piece, put this aside and then place a thin 3x2 piece on top, on the middle of a thin 8x2 piece and put that on top of a thin 10x2 piece. Next, combine the piece connected to the hinges, the previously assembled parts and another thin 8x1 piece together as shown in the picture above, we will call this the "hinge" piece now. Take a thin 10x1 piece and place it on top of the hinges. Now, assemble a thin 8x4 piece with two thin 8x3 "wing-tip" pieces on the sides, then place a thin 6x4 piece on the back and connect to the assembled "hinge" piece. Now connect the assembled "headboard" to the dock and attach your charging cable with Blu-tack or Sugru as shown in the last two pictures.

Step 4: Finishing Touches.... Etc...

I found that my charging cable was quite stiff and caused my dock to "flip over" once in a while so I suggest that you make a "restraint" or hole for the cable to come through, making way for a more cable-free experience. Please vote for me in the 4 competition, as I have put in many hours into making this Instructable possible, Thanks!

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