Introduction: Phone Photography for Dummies

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Learn how to take professional pictures without any expensive phone.

Step 1: Get to Know Your Camera

Google your phone camera spec's if you don't know them.It will be really helpful to know what type of camera you have and it's capabilities.

You might not understand most of the terms used in photography but that's fine use this simple guide and you will be good to go.

Photography Terms explained

Step 2: Mega Pixel Dosen't Matter

Higher Mega Pixel's dose not mean better picture quality it refers to the resolution of the image higher the mega pixel higher is the resolution.Picture quality mainly depends upon the quality of lens used .Good quality lens gives clear picture.All the images shown in this post are taken from normal 8 mega pixel camera phone xolo q1010i.

Step 3: Don't Compare

Dont try to compare your camera photos with others camera every phone camera is different with their own uniqueness It really dose not matter weather you have an iphone or a cheap camera phone as long as you know how to handle your device you will take better picture.

Step 4: Use Lots of Sunlight

SUN is your friend.

Taking pictures in bright light will make your image look more alive and it will also help your camera to capture more detail.

Taking close ups in sunlight will give you amazing results

Step 5: Go Dark in Lowlight

Don't try to shoot everything in color try Black n White.If there is low light try shooting in black and white it will help a lot.Use darkness as a weapon.Black and white kind of gives a professional look not everyone takes a black and white picture.I can bet none of your friends must have used black and white feature from their phone proposely.

Step 6: How to Shoot Clouds and Trees in Details

Use HDR mode it is designed to do that.

Switch your camera to HDR mode and then keep it still I mean very still if it moves picture will become blur.

In HDR mode you can capture different shades of same color its really helpful when you are taking picture of sky or clouds.In HDR mode instead of a blue sky you will get really detailed image.


Do not try to zoom your image later on you can crop.Phone camera dose digital which will stretch your image and it will ruin it.Its better you take full image and then crop it later on this way your image will be safe.

Step 8: Use Custom Lens If You Like

You will be surprised to know like DSLR's there are custom lens for cell phone also.

They are really cheap and easy to use.

They just clip on to your phone no extra attachment is required.

These pics are from 60x zoom custom lens.Crabs , bee etc

Step 9: Tilt Camera While Taking Picture

This is important sometime focus dose not give desired result.

While taking picture first focus your camera on a object then try tilting your camera in different direction

you will notice image will become sometime darker and sometime colorful.It depends upon how much

light is can make a sunny day look like night by using this technique.

Step 10: Focus

keep on focusing on different parts of object until you get right image

Step 11: Use Different Apps and Filters

Take your photos to another level by using apps such as Snapseed and photoshop
Also, don’t be afraid to utilize all of the creative tools Instagram provides.

Step 12: Hghspeed Photography and Macrophotography

If you want to take picture like these from your phone try my other instructables and also feel free to follw me on instagram

Something Epic

Slowmotion photography from phone

Macro Photography

Step 13: Last Minute Tips

Avoid direct sunlight. Your subjects will be cooler, happier, and more attractively lit if they don’t have a sunbeam hitting them in the face.

If it’s an overcast day, you’re in luck.

This is one of the best outdoor lighting situations for photographing people.

If it’s a sunny day, have your subjects stand in the brightest patch of shade you can find.

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