Photo Art

Introduction: Photo Art

For this bautiful "photo-art" project I used a textile 3m. x 1.20 m of rayon-silk from India, with a beautiful chequered design: colors pink, orange and gold stips.

I photoshopped faces of family and friends to fit the size of the squares.

Printed them on iron-on photo transfer sheets, organizing them in such way for the printer to use most of the pages. Then I cut each photo, iron it on very slowly to the silk, taking care not to burn, over-heat or under-heat the photos transfered, either way it may be dammaged (took me a few tests to have the timing).

Hand stitched a hem on both ends and hung the beautiful photo-art on a high wall. Done!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    whoa! Very pretty and very impressive you were able to work with silk so well :D