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Introduction: Photo Frame

This is a Photo Frame I made with 123D design. I got this idea while someone just broke a nice photo frame, so i thought lets make one that is cost customizable. So I used 123D Design to create a customizable, better and more durable Photo Frame. the photo frame is based an a standard Photo of 13x9cm of 9x13cm (5.1''x3.5'').

I do not have a 3D printer so i can not tell you how long it will take to print this but i think about 2 to 4 hours.

If you like this project, please vote for it in the 123d Autodesk project. Also, make sure to download 123D Design application at

Step 1: Fromat of the Photo

13cm x 9cm

Step 2: Making the Outside Shell

Step 3: Making the Photo Gab

Step 4: Choose of the Photo Groove

Step 5: Photo Frame With in Groove

slightly smaller then the real photo

Step 6: Making the Stand Up for Long Photos

Step 7: Made the Groove for the Stand Up

Step 8: Making the Photo Frame Ready for the Second Groove (long Photos)

Step 9: Aligning the Stand and Photo Frame

Step 10: Made the Groove

Step 11: End Result

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