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First of all, let me apologize for the poor photo-documentation of this project.. I actually made it before I ever even thought of publishing an instructable, but I still wanted to share the idea. This gift made my manly man , texan ,navy vet, husband cry when i gave it to him.. maybe just a little.. but i saw it happen!

Step 1: The Start:

I purchased a plain jane photo frame with 8 openings.. some mat board, a few trinkets from the scrap booking section of the craft store, and a sheet of textured paper. You could really do this with whatever strikes your fancy, it's kind of the point to personalize it for YOU and YOUR significant other.

I got on my computer, and found the gps coordinates of the folowing :

where we met

the chapel we were married in

and our current residence

I also found a corresponding picture of us at each of these places. (i was lucky enough to have a pic taken by a stranger in front of The Alamo on our first date.)

I used a map program and zoomed in on each of these places, and saved them as a screenshot. I then went to my local chain store that has self service photo kiosks. and before printing them out.. i added in the coordinates, as well as the text for each.

Step 2: Met:

I then cut hearts out of the textured paper and centered the location in the heart. I matted it before I put it into the frame.

Irepeated this for ...

Step 3: Married:

on the married one i added the doves.. just to make it more.. special i guess.

and then

Step 4: Live:

I originally used a blah picture to correspond with this,as a type of placeholder, we later replaced it with a picture taken on the day i gave this to him (it was his birthday). I also added one more square..

Step 5: Personal Touches

For this square, i took a picture of a white sheet, then i printed out the inscription that is inside his wedding ring , and added the scrapbooking trinkets in place of a few key words. I put this square in the center with the "married" square..that way i was able to add two wedding photos .

As i said, i do apologize for the lack of real photo documentation of each step.. but this gift REALLY impressed my husband, so I wanted to share the idea ...

Step 6: The Never Ending Shameless Pandering!

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    6 years ago

    That is so cool! I love things that don't cost huge bucks, but have BIG BUCK responses! Well done!


    Reply 6 years ago

    thanks! I am pretty happy with how it came out, as well as his reaction.