Introduction: Photo Printed Silk Ribbon

Only with Inkodye can you create this incredibly easy and rewarding DIY project! Because Inkodyes are truly photographic you can use them with black & white negatives to create your very own photo-printed silk ribbon.

Use your ribbon in your hair, around your waist on a summer dress or cut it into sections and give them away as adorable bookmarks!

Total tutorial time: 15 minutes

Step 1: Let's Get Started!

Shopping list:

Inkodye- Violet

Black & White Photo Negatives

Silk Ribbon

Foam Brush


Work Surface Board

Step 2: Make Your Own Negatives:

You can buy a B&W disposable camera and take your own shots!

Important Note: High contrast negatives are needed for this project to work so try to overexpose the pics you take! You can also request "push processing" at your local film development lab to ensure higher contrast negatives.

Step 3: Prepare and Position Your Ribbon.

Cut your ribbon to the size of the negatives you'd like to print.

Lay your ribbon down onto a board that you'll be able to move out into the sun.

Step 4: Apply the Inkodye.

Apply your Inkodye straight from the bottle, we recommend not diluting for this project.

Using a regular ol' foam brush make sure your Inkodye is evenly applied.

Step 5: Place, Pin, and Smooth Your Negative.

Get your negative placed properly, make sure you put it SHINY side down so as not to smear it.

Using push pins, pin your project to the board to keep the negative in contact and so it can't blow away!

Using the slight stickyness of the wet ribbon rub the negative down until it is smooth.

Step 6: Here Comes the Sun!

Take into the sun. This is where the magic happens, watch your photos develop right before your eyes!

Wait. Leave your project in the sun for at least 5 minutes, up to 12 minutes in cloudy weather.

Step 7: Remove the Negative and Wash.

Uncover. In a shady indoor area uncover your masterpiece!

Wash vigorously in HOT soapy water, preferably use a strong textile soap like synthrapol. If you do not wash enough your project may continue to develop after it is dry.

Step 8: Dry Your Ribbon.

Dry your project without heat, just lay it out indoors (not in the sun) and let it dry completely.

Step 9: Rock That Ribbon!

Enjoy! Use your beautiful custom ribbon for anything! We'd love to hear what you dream up.