Photograph Landscape From Different Angels




Introduction: Photograph Landscape From Different Angels

Different lens brings you different angel, shooting landscape at different time is not about assuring the clarity of a picture. It’s more about creating something that will make people think, it’s more about giving the landscape vitality and emotion.
In my opinion, photography is a way for us to view the world, just like a photo cropper will give you an angle of the world. All kinds of photography, in a word, provide us ways to express our feelings in a frame. Through different angels, we reveal the relation between us and the subjects, our emotions towards them. Through your shutter, a totally different visual world is demonstrated in front of us.

Step 1: Picture A

A wide extension gives us a marvelous shock, I prefer to express myself in a normal situation. Nature needs 40 millions to form a rock. Any kind of visual shock can’t fully express the grandness of its charm.

Step 2: Picture B:

 Many people say 35 focal length is only for culture photography. I think it’s like human’s eyes. The colors and gradation it creates make me enchanted.

Step 3: Picture C:

A work created by 135 leica lens, it’s impeccable.

Step 4: Make a Collage

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    Phil B
    Phil B

    9 years ago on Introduction

    Congratulations on your first Instuctable. I had a photography book by John Hedgecoe. He photographed the same scene at different times of the day in different light and showed what great differences that made. What you have done is something similar. As you get more ideas for more Instructables and publish them, I will eagerly watch for them.