Introduction: Photoshop Tutorial


adobe photoshop

Step 1: ​Step 1: Cut Out Your Image

Using Open opens up your image. Using the lasso tool select around your image. Then click the layer mask and everything outside your lasso should disappear. Then go over the rest of the image so that your subject is the only thing, no background. Make sure to get all those little details. Now make sure she is centered.

Step 2: ​Step 2: Adjustment Layer - Skin Tone

Click the new adjustment layer tool and choose “Hue/Saturation” and a new layer will come up. I used +6 saturation and -70 lightness for the darker part. Use the brush tool and color the thing black. THe color should return to normal. Now using the white I turn half of the image back to the darker part. Leave the other half alone. It should look like above.

Step 3: Step 3 Adjustment Layer- Hair

Do the same thing you did for step two. The Hue should be -24, the saturation should be +68, and the lightness should be -16. Agein color the whole thing black. Take your paint brush the bottom portion of the hair where it is lighter on the dark side. Repeat this step to create the other side. That Hue should be +155, the saturation should be -41, and the lightness should be 0. I should kind of look like Harley Quinn hair or the image above.

Step 4: Step 4: Adjustment Layer - Eye Color

Use the lasso tool to select the iris of the eye. Next do the same thing with the hue/saturation layer as steps 2 and 3. The Hue should be +170, the saturation should be +89, and the lightness should be +7 for the darker side. Leave the other eye alone.

Step 5: ​Step 5: Angle

Make sure you have a picture of an angel and a demon/devil ready. Open the image of the angle using a file, place embedded. Now cut out the angle from the image. I used the pen tool this time but you could use the lasso tool. Then add a layer mask. Use the pen tool using bleck to patch up the areas you don't want. It should be in the light area

Step 6:

Step 6: Demon Do the same thing with the devil as the angel but have it on the black side. IO used the pen tool for this as well. Make sure you have them placed on the correct sides or else it will look wrong.

Step 7: ​Step 7 Background

Paint the background white next to the angle and and black behind the demon. This will help your image in the next step.

Step 8: Step 8 Background Part 2

Find a picture of the gates of heaven embed it into the image behind the angle. Make it have a 50% opacity.The opacity will be above the layers. Next put an image of the underworld or whatever behind the demon and make it have 25% opacity. Make sure that there is no overlap but if there is use the eraser tool to fix it.

Step 9: Step 9: Fading

Click on the demon layer and set the opacity of the layer to 65%. Do the same thing as the demon to the angle but an opacity of 85%

Step 10:

Step 10: words Use the word tool that looks like a T. Above the angel put the word light and above the demon out dark. Light should be in black and Dark should be in white. Also Light should be at 75% opacity and the black should be at 50%. On the bottom have the words “what will you choose?” in grey and at 50% opacity