Introduction: Pi-casso Painting

Are you looking for a craft to do with kids for Pi Day? Look no further! Use the first 99 digits of pi to create a color by numbers masterpiece!

Step 1: Download and Print Coloring Page

Download the file or create your own grid using the digits of pi. If you create your own, you can use as many digits as you would like. I thought it was easiest to fill a 10x10 grid.


Step 2: Assign Each Number a Color

Choose a different color for numbers 0-9. They can be 10 unique colors or you could try using 10 shades of the same color for a fun twist to this project!

Step 3: Color

Color in your grid using the key you created.

Step 4: Show Off Your Project!

Now that your picture is complete, show it off and compare masterpieces with your friends!

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