Introduction: Picture Frame With Rhinestones

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If you want to transform an old frame into something with more style, this Instructable is for you.
Have you seen those frames covered with old pasta? Well this is a more refined version of that craft.

We'll add rhinestones instead of pasta.

You can mix different colours, shapes and sizes of rhinestones to make something that expresses your style.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Silver acrylic paint

A wooden simple frame

Paint brush


Silicon glue

A stick or skewer

Step 2: Paint

Start by painting the frame. If your frame still has the glass and other parts you should disassemble it before painting it. You could even paint it with different colours. Don't forget to paint the edges.

Depending on the colour of your frame and the paint, you could need more than one coat. Covering up dark colors with light colors generally requires more coats, but a good quality paint can reduce the number of coats of paint needed.

Let it dry.

Step 3: Glue

I used a little piece of cardboard as a dish to put the silicone. With the stick I grabbed a little bit of glue and put a drop where wanted the rhinestone.

Then I placed the rhinestone on top of the glue. Working with this glue will allow you to reposition the rhinestone exactly where you want it. This is an double edge sword, you have to be careful when moving to the next rhinestone not to accidentally move the previous one.

Once the rhinestones are glued; let it dry, read the instructions of your silicon glue. Mine took 8 hours to dry off.

Step 4: Assemble

Finally assemble again the frame and display your favourite picture.

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