Introduction: Pierced and Sculpted Goblin Planter Out of Clay

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I love the weird and wild. So I decided to sculpt a planter out of clay.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

I used a pound of low fire earthenware clay, a pottery wheel, various colors of underglaze ( I use speedball brand), Amaco Leaf green glaze, various sculpting tools, some cheap colored flexible wire ( I bought it from a dollar store), a sponge, water and slip. Don't forget the most important tool.... your imagination!!!

Step 2: Basic Shape on the Wheel

Using the pottery wheel I made a basic cylinder shaped pot. I removed it from the bat and allowed it to reach leather hard stage while covered with plastic.

Step 3: Adding Details

Using small clumps of clay and slip I added shapes to form facial features. I used a damp sponge and wet paintbrush to smooth out the edges.

Step 4: Underglaze and Piercings

I added some underglaze to the Goblin before the bisque firing. I also added some piercings with a needle tool to the ears so I could place the earrings in later. I made the holes larger than the wire size because clay shrinks when it dries.

Step 5: Finished Goblin!

After the bisque firing I brushed on 3 coats of the Amaco Leaf green glaze and put it back in the kiln. Once it was cool I snipped the wire and inserted it into its ears as earrings. I used needle nose pliers to bend the wire pieces into loops.

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