Introduction: Pigs in Space T-Shirt / Logo

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If you remember The Muppet Show back in the 1970s, you probably might remember the recurring sketch from the show known as "Pigs in Space". This wacky sci-fi adventure takes the inspiration of such space operas as Star Trek and Lost in Space. Of course, what the characters were mostly known for are their space uniforms with the "Pigs in Space" logo on the front. Now, you can take the logo, rip it off and slap it onto a T-shirt! This project was actually inspired by a DIY blogger who goes by the name of JadeFlower, who created the felt decal for her 1st Mate Miss Piggy costume!

Step 1: Materials

For this fun, colorful project, you will need...

  • a purple or lavender t-shirt
  • a Pigs in Space logo template
  • five sheets of felt (you will need a light pink, magenta, yellow, black, and white)
  • hot glue gun
  • fabric fusion glue
  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • black marker
  • Optional: small studs

This was where I found the template for the Pigs in Space logo:

Step 2: Prep the Shirt

This super-easy, no-sew project begins by prepping your t-shirt. So, lay out your lavender t-shirt on your work surface and slip in a piece of cardboard to protect your shirt from sticking together on both sides.

Step 3: Make the Logo

To make the logo, print out a copy of the Pigs in Space logo, and cut out the shapes. The template contains 5 shapes. Now, take those shapes and use your black marker to trace them onto their respective felt colors. You will see the felt color name that you will need to trace it on. Once your done, cut the felt pieces out and assemble the logo together with hot glue.

Note: The black felt circle may be a little bit difficult to achieve, so make sure that you try to experiment with the shapes, until you get the perfect cut. Also, for the pig face, use your marker to remake the eyes, ears, and snout. In addition, when making these shapes, it's best to lay the cut-outs facedown, trace around, then cut them out, so that way, when you glue the pieces down, you don't have to see the black marker, as well as not get any distortion of the designs, since you don't have the move them so much.

Step 4: Glue on the Logo

Now, you can use Fabric Fusion glue to stick the logo onto the front of the t-shirt.

Step 5: Embellishments

You can also cut out stars out of white felt and stick them on around the logo. Even better, you can also glue on small studded rhinestones onto the stars, like I did here!

Step 6: Wear!

Once everything has dried, your t-shirt is done! Great to wear around the house and give it any Muppet or sci-fi fan!

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