Introduction: Pilea Pendant Light

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Many months ago, I saw an ikea pendant light named Maskros. The light resembled the dandelion seed head. I realised 'maskros' was actually a Swedish word for 'dandelion'. I was highly inspired by this light and recently I have discovered a way to DIY a pendant light with similar construction. With success, I made a pendant light which resembled, not dandelion, but a house plant called pilea peperomioides. Hence, I named this light 'Pilea'.

Step 1: Material Preparation

You will need the following items for this project.

Foam board (White, 4 - 5 mm thick)

Sketch/watercolour paper (200 - 225 gsm)

Bamboo skewers (25 cm long)

X-Acto knife

Craft knife

Double-sided tape

Small ruler

Superglue gel

Ink/Ballpoint pens

PVA glue

In addition you also need 3 templates with links provided as follows:

Template 1: Inner structure A, 3 copies (

Template 2: Inner structure B, 1 copy (

Template 3: Lampshade circles, 12 copies (

Step 2: Use X-Acto Knife to Cut Out Template 1 Units on the White Foam

After attaching the template on the white foam, use ballpoint pen to trace the dotted lines and create indentations first, before cutting out the units. You need a total of 12 units for the lamp.

Step 3: Similarly, Cut Out 2 Units of Template 2 on the White Foam.

Step 4: Include Your Light Set.

Pass the the cord through the cut radius. Please use the low energy LED light bulb (5 - 10W) for this project.

Step 5: Assemble the Inner Spherical Structure.

Press the entry area on the circle, such that the arc can fit in. Once the arc is accommodated, push it all the way in to firmly secure its position. Repeat this for all 12 arc pieces. At the end, it should look like a regular sphere.

Step 6: Cut Out 72 Lampshade Circles.

Create cross indentations using ballpoint pen and cut out circles on watercolour paper, using 12 copies of template 3.

Step 7: Make Lampshade Units.

Apply a droplet of superglue gel on the centre of the circle. Place the bamboo stick vertically on the droplet. Wait for a few second. You should be able to obtain a lampshade unit as shown. Repeat this for all 72 circles.

Step 8: Mark Each Stick of the Lampshade Unit.

Use an ink pen and mark on 1.5 cm away from the tip for each stick.

Step 9: Add Lampshade Units on the Sphere.

Hang the sphere in the air. Insert all units into the foam, following the indentations created earlier. Each stick should align with the projection of an indentation. Each insertion should be the exact as where the ink mark is.

Step 10: Insert Only 6 Alternate Units on the Top and Bottom Rounds.

While each round requires 12 units, add only 6 alternate units on the top and bottom. By doing this the overlapping problem is eliminated. Overlapping of units makes the lamp less appealing. This is why you only need 72 units, rather than 84.

Step 11: Allow Time and Patience.

The placement of units demands patience. Occasionally, you may knock down or destablise a circle. Simply glue it back and continue your work.

Step 12: Hang the Light High.

This light will not fail to impress anyone who sees it. The lamp is about 60 cm in diameter. Enjoy your result!