Introduction: Pill Tracker

There are lots of people who needs help to remember taking their medications. I made this project as a requirement to pass the Makey Makey educators' training.

Troubleshooting: Make sure that your jumper wires are not touching each other. Make sure to separate the days blocks properly. (any unwanted surface concat may lead to errors in the program).

Note: Keep medication away from children's reach.

** This is a prototype and needs lot of work :) **


  • HVAC Aluminum tape or Foil
  • Glue stick.
  • Two sided duck-tape
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • 8 Alligator Clips
  • 6 Connector Wires
  • MakeyMakey
  • Thin cardboard or thick A4 paper


Step 1: Prepare Your Prototype

  1. Prepare your supplies.
  2. Draw seven rectangles on a piece of paper or the thin cardboard. One for each day of the week.
  3. Cut the rectangles and fold them in half to make a switch.
  4. get two pieces of the Aluminium tape or the foil and stick to the inside of your switch. Make sure to use a glue stick if you are using foil, don't use duck tape as it is an isolator and the current will not pass throw.
  5. Stick your days to a cardboard, you can use the double sided tape here or you can use the glue stick.

Step 2: The Wiring

  1. Cut thin line of Aluminium tape to make a common earth (like in the picture).
  2. Attach your Connector wires to your Makey Makey.
  3. Connect each Connector wire with an Alligator Clip in one end and the other end to the specified day. Then connect the earth (Make sure that Your Alligator clips are not exposed and that they are not interfering with each other, otherwise the program will produce errors).
  4. For Me: I connected the days as the following:
    • Sunday to 'w' wire.
    • Monday to 'a' wire.
    • Tuesday to d wire.
    • Wednesday to 's' wire.
    • Thursday to 'f' wire.
    • Friday to 'g'
    • Saturday to the 'up arrow'.

Step 3: Programming Your Stage

I used the Potion sprite for this project. I made seven copies (using Duplicate command), then from Custom tab, add a text and write the day's name.

Go to the backdrop and add this code, what we want here is that we want the program to keep checking for the day and send a broadcast if it is the Current day.

Step 4: Programming Your Days

For each day we need to add the above code. Make sure to use the correct key letters based on the connected wire. For this one it is Wednesday so I used the key letter 's'. Full Scratch program is here

Step 5: Your Prototype in Action

Connect your Makey Makey to your computer and place the pills on the specified day. You will notice that your Makey Makey will light up. Now, while the pill is on the specified day (in our case Wednesday) then a reminder will show on the screen. We can add sound to it and make it REALY annoying that will force you to take your pill to make it go quit !

If you want to know how to add sound to Scratch, I have an instructable for you here