Introduction: Pimp Up Your Lightsaber Blade Daylight or Transparent Film Blade

When you have a Daylight blade without film inside, or a transparent blade with diffusion film inside, you don't get really much out of it, even with a really bright led especially with the dayblade.

And if u add a normal roll of cellophan film the result is good but not so much as the transparent blades ares. Compared to the new extrabright blades made out of opaque / translucent policarbonate avalaibles on the market today the result is very poor.

So i want to get something close, and i have found this quick and effective workaround.

Step 1: Grab Your Frost / Diffusion Jelly

This is my solution, pic up a frost diffusion jelly, this film is made out of heat resistant plastic and specially

designed to diffuse light from powerfull fotography / filming equipment in the best way possible.

There are several brands, mine whas Rosco but all professional products of this kind can work properly. Pic up a mid grade jelly and slice a thin stripe, just the exact internal diameter of the blade, around 6 cm. (Be very precise doing that so y can cover exactly the inside without overlapping areas or empty stripe)

After that put inside a second layer , made out of cellophane around 3 feet rolled up, without this the result isn't quite good enough to me.

Step 2: That's It!

This is the final result, and im like a lot not only the blade lighted up wich looks really close to the extra bright blade and far way better compared to the normal transparent film blade, wich become awesome too with a simple layer of diffusion jelly added, but i like a lot the look of the blade turned off in direct sunlight.

The green of my blade whas some sort of fluorescent kind, but empty or with transparent film she look like an empty tube of plastic, this way the color pop up and look far more consistant.

Just try on your blade Daylight or transparent film and look.