Introduction: Pine Cone Wreath

During the holiday season everyone wants Christmas decorations why? because it makes your house pop out and look festive but finding something you really like can be hard, so why not make something you'd like? like a Pine Cone Wreath! This wreath is not only one of the best kind of Christmas Wreaths you can make, but it also only takes an hour to make and its doesn't even cost much.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

1. up to 30 Pine Cones

2. a 12" wire wreath

3. a hot glue gun (with the glue sticks)

4. Evergreen branches

5. Berry springs

6. LED fairy lights

Step 2: Attaching the Pine Cones

Place your wire wreath on a flat surface, and heat up your hot glue gun. Once the glue gun is heated use it to attach the pine cones. When attaching the pine cones attach the smaller ones the the middle of the wreath, and the larger ones on the outside to balance the look (doing this also helps when attaching the berry springs, evergreen branches, and LED lights.)

*Repeat step until all pine cones are attached to the wreath.

Step 3: Attaching the Berry Springs

When attaching the berry springs make sure all pine cones are attached properly and none are loose. Slowly wrap the springs around the wreath until its evenly spread out.

Step 4: Attaching the Evergreen Branches

Wrap the evergreen branches around the pine cones like you did with the berry springs.When doing this step make sure you don't follow the same path you did when wrapping the berry springs, try to spread it out a bit (a little bit of overlapping it okay though, just make sure it looks balanced.)

Step 5: Attaching the LED Lights

You attach the LED lights by wrapping it around the your wreath. When wrapping it make sure it's wrapped evenly around the wreath to balance it out.

Step 6: Your Pine Cone Wreath Is Complete!

It's finished! Now you have new wreath for your house!

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