Introduction: Pine Pellets Cat Litter Box

This is the best homemade cat litter box ever! Here is why:
- No pee smell. Actually, pine smell.
- Little tracking. The large pellets do not stick to the cat’s paws.
- Natural.
- Flushable*
- Inexpensive
- No waste. Only used pine falls to the bottom.

Once the cat goes, the pee is absorbed by the pellets, which expand and become sawdust. Pick up the poop and mix the pellets once a day. The sawdust falls to the bottom box, leaving only "unused" pine pellets on top.

* Do not flush the poop! It may contain eggs of Toxoplasma gondii, which are able to survive the wastewater treatment process, contaminating waterways. While Toxoplasma rarely affects healthy people, it can cause defects and brain damage in babies whose mothers were exposed when pregnant. Brain disease can also develop in people with compromised immune systems. In addition, Toxoplasma has been shown to harm sea otters and may affect other wildlife as well.
Dispose of the cat’s feces in sealed plastic bags via your waste management company.

Step 1: Buy Two Matching Storage Boxes;

Step 2: Make Lots of Holes on the Bottom of ONE of Them;

The holes must be as big as possible without letting large chunks of pine pellets to go through.

Step 3: Add Pine Pellets to the Box With Holes;

Some home improvement stores or most feed and tackling stores have them cheap!

Step 4: Stack Both Boxes

Step 5: Optional: Cut a Doorway That Matches Both Boxes When Stacked.