Introduction: Pineapple/ Scene

This work was a school project which consists to redo a tourist place from Ecuador. I chose the Milagro Pineapple which is a monument and it is located in Milagro city. I personally selected this city because many of my friends where going to do Quito in the "Mitad del Mundo" or Guayaquil in the "Faro", so I wanted to do something new and unique. But also since I don´t know so much about Ecuador I tried to search for new information and this fruit that is the pineapple is very common there because in general theres a variety of lots of fruits. To do this project we used the platform "Tinkercad" which helps us be creative and make different types of projects with figures, colors, shapes, etc and also is very fun to experiment new things with this platform.

Step 1: The Base

For the base I have chosen a green grass that you can find it in the shapes generators, all, in the page 17. When you select it in the project the size is going to be small, so you have to make it at the size of the work.

Step 2: The Pineapple

For the pineapple in Tinkercad I used the basic shapes then I scroll down to see different options and then I chose the icosahedron figure to do all the general shape of the pineapple and then I just select the color which was yellow and there where 3 bases (3 icosahedrons) for the pineapple. The first one was the bigger one, then the one in the center was the medium and the last one that is on top of all the bases is a small size compare to the other 2 principal bases. After making all my pineapple shape I decided to pick in basic shapes again a different shape which was the star, to make the top part of the pineapple I used 2 stars of the same size and put each one on top of the other, when I was done doing that I just selected the color green. At the end I use little circle shapes to give it more texture to the pineapple, so in each tip I put the white circled figures and that where my final touches for all the design.

Step 3: Adding Different Details

For the last details that I added in my design I used the coral shape that is also where I found the green grass for the base. I selected 4 coral figures that represented some kind of trees and they where all of the same size. Then in the OMSI socialization space box I selected the benches that where located in the first page and added to my design two of them and one bench was located on the left side of the pineapple while the other bench was on the right side. For the fountain that was in the middle of the pineapple I used the basic shapes box and then used the tube shape and I selected a brown color and put the tube around the pineapple to make a good effect of a type of fountain. For the last detail in the fountain I chose the hoop shape for it to look more thin and put the same color of the tube.

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