Introduction: Pineapple Skirt (Adding Patterns to Sketchbook Pro)

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If you like piña coladas... then you'll love this delicious pineapple skirt. I'll show you how to easily add a pre-made pattern to your line art in Sketchbook Pro!

To Dream It, Draw It, Wear It, you need:
A pre-made pattern
Sketch Book Pro
A drawing tablet is optional but recommended

Step 1: Getting the Line Art Settled

I'm not as knowledgable in fashion design, so I took the image flats provided and brought them into Sketchbook. Regardless of whether you will draw your line art entirely or not, you will want to open a new file in Sketchbook and press the + symbol to add another layer to your background. If it is helpful, you can rename the layer. Hover your mouse over the new layer and hold down the left mouse button to see the layer options. If you are drawing from scratch, you can just select a brush and begin to draw your line art.

If you are using one of the image flats, use the Add Image function in the File menu. You may have to scale the image down a bit.

Since I am making a skirt, I need to erase some of the pants. I chose the hard eraser tool so that I get cleanly erased lines. Remember that you can resize your eraser brush using the bracket [ ] keys. Since I don't really need a back view of the skirt, I erased that as well.

With the necessary lines gone, I need to go back in with the pencil tool and fill in the rest of the line art for the skirt. I usually use the symmetry tool to keep things even and since we want each vertical side to be even, I selected the vertical symmetry tool. 

Once I've filled in the missing lines, I can add in the pattern, but I don't want my line art to be stuck at the top of the page. You can use the marquee tool to select and copy the line art and paste it in a different area. Erase the old line art after.

Step 2: Adding the Pattern

To add in the pattern that I had pre-made using a vector program, I will select the background layer and use the Add Image function again. With the Line Art layer's mode still on Normal, you can already see a problem. Everything I haven't erased is covering the pattern. All you need to do is set the Line Art layer's mode to Multiply!

Now I just need to scale down the size of the pattern to fit into the skirt. Once that is done, I can carefully go in and erase the extra bits outside of the line art and fill in the color for the inside lining of the skirt.

Lastly, I cropped the image so it was thinner and added in a little text.

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