Introduction: Ping Pong Ball Rack/launcher

This project will show you how to create this table mounted ping pong rack and launcher.

-The purpose of this device is to hold multiple ping pong balls and allow you to introduce/serve a new ball to the table in a fun and creative way. All the materials to make this can be found at home and will make for a quick and fun build.


-2 paper towel tubes

- a lot of kebab sticks(at least a 30 pack)

- A cardboard box

- two caps that will fit inside a paper towel tube

- A spring no larger in diameter than 1.5 inches

- Hot glue gun

- Super glue

- Tape

- Scissors


- Exact-O knife

Step 1: Cutting the Slots Into the Paper Towel Tube

The first step requires that you take one of the paper towel tubes and draw out a slot onto one side of the tube and another identical slot on the opposite side. The slot should be rectangular in shape and start about an inch from the top of the tube, and go down about 2/3 of the way.

Step 2: Fininshing the Launcher

The next step is to install a bottom onto the paper towel tube so that there is something for the spring to bounce off of. For this I have used a bottle cap that was the diameter of the tube. Glue this cap onto the bottom of the tube using super glue. After this is done we will create the loading stick, which we will use to push down the spring and launch the ball. For this we will simply arrange four kebab sticks in a square shape(2 by 2) on top of each other. After this we will just tape the sticks on the ends to hold them in place. To help reinforce the tube, wrap a few layers of duct tape around the tube, covering about an inch of the slot that you cut. Next we will take our other cap and glue it to the spring using hot glue and super glue. After this dries, slip the spring into the tube and slip the kebab sticks through the top of the slot, over the cap of the spring. You will then use a glue gun to glue the sticks to the top of the cap. After this dries the launcher is finished, just pull down the sticks and let go to launch a ball

Step 3: Creating the Rack/ball Holder

This step will show you how to create the rack that will feed the ping pong balls into the launcher. The first thing that you will want to do Is take your second paper towel tube and cut it in half. You will then overlap the two halves to make a sort of 3 quarters pipe. Glue the two halves together and wait for them to dry. Now you will want to take about 3 kebab sticks and cut them in half. After this you will poke your 6 halves into the tube throughout, to create place holders for the balls. For demonstration purposes I only create one slot for a single ping pong ball.

Step 4: Final Assembly

The final step will be putting all the separate components together. Firstly you will take the launcher and place it glue it against the longest side of whatever box you are using. When gluing leave about 5 inches of space from the top of your launcher to the top of the box. After this you will glue on the rack, putting hot glue on one side of your 3/4 pipe and holding it there until it dries. Make sure to glue it at an angle that will allow the ping pong balls to fall into the launcher. After it dries, the side of the rack that is not glued may be sagging a bit. To tighten this up, We will use a tag or a strip of paper and glue one end of the strip to the top of the box, and then pull up the sagging side and glue the other side of the strip to that end. This will fix that problem. After this, all you have to do is put an adhesive on the top of the box and place that under your ping pong table.

Step 5: Demo

A fun way to hold multiple ping pong balls and introduce new balls into play.

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