Introduction: Pinhole Eyeglasses

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Make a pair of glasses that have the perfect optics! Great for seeing close up things, they will stay in focus at all distances. Super easy to make and fun to use.

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this project, you will need an old eyeglass frame, aluminum foil, and a pin or needle.

Step 2: Put It Together

Rip or cut out two pieces of aluminum foil slightly larger than the holes in the glasses. The fold the extra foil around the frame of the glasses and it should hold itself on pretty well. Put the glasses on and estimate where the pupils of your eyes line up with the foil. Take the glasses off and poke a hole in the foil at that spot. The hole will be really small and needs to be perfectly round, so be careful!

Step 3: Try It

Put the glasses on and look around. The glasses will work the best in high lighted areas, such as outdoors. They will also work better if you lined the holes up with your eyes, that way you won't be going crosseyed.
To demonstrate the glasses really well, have them off, and try to look at something really close up, like two inches away from your eyes. Then put the glasses on and try the same thing. It may help if you cover up the sides of your eyes so no extra light gets in. Then you can go around and show everyone how cool you look in your new aluminum glasses.