Introduction: Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows

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Every year, my friends throw an awesome halloween party. Every year, there is a theme.

This year's theme was "Internet Memes"

I decided I had to do Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows.

What is PFUDOR's You ask?



Specifically, I had to be Fluffle Puff. The invented fluffy (my little) pony from "Ask Fluffle Puff" on tumblr -

Anyway - I ended up borrowing a wig from a friend, but they can be had off Ebay for $30 and under. This is her Pinkie Pie wig, but I think it worked great for Fluffle Puff. I may go in for a lighter pink wig later, and reduce the size of my ears as well. They look more like giant fluffy kitten ears. I think this color pink does well with my skin tone - lighter colors tend to wash me out. I, personally, look hideous as a blond.

I bought four or five different pink fabrics from the halloween and other sections at Joann's and Hancocks, then went nuts. I used a Simplicity pattern for a wrap dress with a wide belt and cut the dress shorter. I used 1 yard of the hot pink sequin fabric with nothing leftover, so I made the sleeves out of another contrasting fabric and added side ruffles. I think I should have done something in more of a medium pink, but I loved the butterfly fabric.

I had literally bought the pink fur for a Fluffle Puff plushie (a big one) and now I don't know if I'm going to take the fur booties apart and continue with my plans or keep them for con use. It's a simple rectangle with stretchy fabric at the top of the knee to help keep them up.

The front hooves are the same, but in lighter, less fluffy fabric.

The tail is a whole bunch of leftover fabric strips tied in the middle to make a huge dreadfall. If I redo, I'll take out some of the fabric and put in ribbons and yarn. Since Fluffle uses a sheet of rolled up pink paper in her video for her horn, that's what I used for mine.

The rainbow is strips of fleece cut at 1/8 yard and trimmed to be even and then simply machine stitched.

The fluffy ears are made of the same fur as the booties - they're (large) triangles hotglued with the wrong sides together so the fur is facing out on both sides. There's an extra strip of fabric that runs down each side from the top point of the ear to frame them.

Tights are good ole' halloween store tights.

And that's pretty much it. About five hours total of work, give or take an hour, not including material requirements.

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