Introduction: Pinky Pom Pom

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Pinky Pom Pom a Pom Pom that can fit in your pinky pocket, this will Show you how to make a little Pom Pom in little time.

Step 1: Cut and Wrap

Cut a string as long as your forearm and wrap the string around your finger.

Step 2: Slide and Tie

Slide the string on the Scissors than tie a small string around the wrap.

Step 3: Trim Trim Trim

Take your scissors and cut the loops on the wrap, then trim the pieces of string until the pom-pom is formed into a ball.

Step 4: (Optional) Brush

Take any brush of any kind and brush the pom-pom til cute and furry!

Step 5: Check

Check your Pom Pom to see if it’s pinky sized!
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