Introduction: Pip Boy From Everything

About: I am a 16 year old with a passion for making things and inventing

this is what i did with old bits and bobs i got around the house (good comments please... i am only 15)

this comes in 2 bits...... the cuf= the bit you wear...... and the pip boy


i used:

1. 2 small and 1 big tic tak boxes

2. a chassy of an old tank

3. old electric nobs and switches

4. a joy stick from an ps4 controler

5. correction fluid

6. an old watch

7. cable

8. other random bits and bobs

Step 1: Design

i used the pip boy from fallout 3 and 4 as my main design but i didn't take pictures of this AS i was making it (sorry) but i did take pictures of it when it was finished. the screen picture i used was from google (thanks) i put a plastic sheet on top of it to give it a screen feel. feel free to copy this. and can you give me sdvice on things like this.... thanks

Step 2: Appology

i am sorry that this is short, but my next instructable will be longer and tell you how to make it....

Step 3: What Will Happen...

As i like to tinker, i do constant mods onto it so i will attempt to add more recent pictures as soon as possible. oh... and one lucky person's advice will be added to this pip boy

Step 4: New Versions (mrk 1.8 Complete)

this is my 1.8 finished model of my pip boy... hope you like

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