Introduction: Pipe Tools, a Small Garden Hoe

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This tool is similar to a pipe tools shovel that I posted a while back, except for a few extra steps which turn it into a handy little hoe. It's very tough and costs almost nothing. The blade can be modified to have teeth, a sharp point, or whatever you can think of.

Once at a garage saw I picked up some 10' pieces of 1.25" galvanized chain-link fence pipe for $1 each. I use the pipe for just about everything from making a pole saw to making tools like these.

Tools needed to make this are a hack saw, pliers, tin snips, hammer, and a drill.
Materials needed, a 1.25" thin walled pipe (I think its the same as electrical conduit), a long bolt, some tape.

Step 1: Cut Some Pipe and Open It

Cut about a 12 inch section of pipe with a hack saw. Then cut 1/3 of the way down the pipe; cut into it almost all the way through, leaving some metal to hold the pieces together. Then cut lengthwise with the hacksaw from the end to the other cut, making a "T" opening. Bend the whole piece open, being careful not to stress the connecting piece too much.

Step 2: Make Some More Cuts and Bends

Carefully bend over the blade perpendicular to the handle and make two tabs by cutting into the blade with tin snips. Then bend over the tabs to overlap the handle as seen in the picture.

Step 3: Drill a Support Screw Hole

Drill a hole through the tabs and handle. Insert a bolt and nut and tighten it into place.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Shape the top of the blade with some tin snips and wrap the handle with some electrical or duct tape.
That's it! I might add some teeth with the tin snips some time, but for now it works pretty well.
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