Introduction: Video Conferencing Tablet Holder

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This is just a way to hold tablets for video conferencing, teaching, etc. The angle of the tablet can be adjusted in the pipe; many tablet cases do not seem to be adjustable. I don't think this an original idea but something useful I threw together for my kids to do school conferencing during the Covid shutdown.


1.5" diameter ABS plumbing pipe
Piece of scrap wood
3/4" screws

Step 1: Cut Slots in Pipe

Carefully use a jigsaw or circular saw to cut a two slots about 1/2" apart into a clamped ABS pipe. Then cut the pipe off to the length you want. Make the length a bit wider than the tablet to reduce pressure on the glass. Clean up edges with sandpaper or a utility knife.

Step 2: Attach and Use

Use two screws and attach the cut pipe onto a scrap board or whatever surface. Slide tablet device into tube. If screen scratches are a worry, add foam tape or glue in a cloth lining.