Introduction: Pipeball

Pipeball is a fun toy made of PVC pipe. Children can have fun only using a tennis ball. Aim and hit the hole!

Step 1: Get the Pipes

You'll need:

6 meters of sewer pipe (75 mm)

2 "Y" connections (75 mm)

4 curves (90º - 75 mm)

4 pvc gloves

As you can see in the picture above, you'll need to cut the pipes. The larger ones will have 1,10 m. The minors, 0,40 m.

Step 2: Get the Tools and Materials

You'll also need:

a saw

measuring tape

1 can of paint, latex type and color white

1 dye tube to mix with the white ink (color black)

1 paint-brush

2 sandpapers

4 adhesive tapes (different colors)

1 plastic glue

4 plastic seals

2 tennis ball

NOTE: In the middle of the process, we changed the way to join the pipes together and didn't use the clamps, although it's in the picture.

Step 3: Cut the Holes

Take two of the larger pipes and make cuts like specified in the picture, in any angle that makes it easier to hit the hole with the ping pong ball.

After that, use the sandpaper to correct the cut parts of the pipes.

Step 4: Connect and Paint the Pipes

  • You will connect the curves with the 4 larger pipes. Take two of these pipes (the ones you didn't cut the angle) and connect the "Y" in the other side.
  • Connect the 0,40m pipes at the bottom of the toy using the gloves.

  • After mixing the black dye and the white ink, you can paint the PVC pipes. Make sure you mix the ink until you get the color gray.
  • Wait about 5 to 8 hours for the ink to dry.

Step 5: Get the Pipes Together

Use the plastic seals to get the 4 larger pipes together.

Step 6: It's Done!

Now the children can have fun trying to hit the holes with the balls.