Introduction: Pirate Ship Halloween

This pirate ship was built so my children and their friends could all dress as pirates and ride together on a pirate boat. The boat carried 10 small children, stereo system, black lights, dry ice, and a pneumatic marshmallow canon. The ship was to be pulled by a riding lawn mower on the sidewalks of a neighborhood.


  • foam
  • wood stips
  • screws
  • paint
  • drop cloth
  • metal frame
  • wheels
  • stereo
  • dry ice
  • buckets
  • water
  • air canon
  • air tank
  • decorations

Step 1: Shaping the Ship

The ship was to built on a tube frame. Solid rubber tires were installed to hold the weight. Wood strips would support foam sheets that formed the shape of the haul. The sails were made from painters cloth and a skull and crossbones was burnt into the fabric.

Tucked away under seats was a 12 volt car batter, air tank, and sound amp. The car battery supplied power to the amplifier and black light. The air tank supplied air pressure to the marshmallow canon. The canon was mounted to the front of the ship and could shoot large marshmallows a few hundred feet.

The amplifier played the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack.

Step 2: Painting and Details

The Jolly Roger was hoisted and other details added to create the Haunted Pirate Ship.

Step 3: Moving the Ship

The ship was packed up and pulled to a neighborhood.

Step 4: Setting Sail in the Neighborhood.

The pirate ship was assembled, loaded with children and set sail into the night. Black Lights lit the sail as we traveled house to house.

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