Introduction: Pirate's Hat Using Paper for Halloween

Hi All,

In this instructable. I will share how I made a simple pirate's hat for my Son for Halloween.

This is simple craft, very easy to make, hardly take 2 hrs

Step 1: Materials

What we need?

  1. Black Chart paper ( Thick paper)
  2. Sticky tape/ Cello tape
  3. Some colored crape paper
  4. Glue
  5. One big bowl that fits your head
  6. White paper

Step 2: Build Parts for Hat

Step 1 : Cut a large Triangle of size 60 to 70 cm

Step 2 : Draw a circle using the bowl and radial lines close to each other

Step 3 : Cut them as in image

Step 4 : Using a sticky tape, wrap chart paper to the bowl; The paper should be a square , touching the edges of the bowl as shown

Step 5: Use sticky tape to get good shape for the hat

Step 6 : Optional : you can hide the tape using a paper and wrapping it around

Step 3: Assembly

Step 7 : For understanding, I am showing how both pieces go together. You need to fold and use glue to stick them together or just stapler

Step 4: Decorate

Step 8: cover the borders using crape paper, it looks good

Step 9: Fix three corners to the top using glue or stapler

Step 10 : Decorate with feather and pirate logo

Step 5: Testing

Step 11: Give it to your kid

Hope you liked this instructable , Please share your comments