Introduction: Pistachio Flower

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We all know pistachios to be tasty little green nuts but how many can say they have known them to be a fun craft?This is a really awesome, epic, amazing, easy to make, mind-blowing Instructable! A pistachio flower is a great gift for family and friends and pretty cool to look at too. You better get cracking because your going to need about 50-60 pistachio shells!

Step 1: Materials Needed

For this project you will need: 
- A small piece of cardboard
- Scissors
- 50 to 60 Pistachio shells
- A cup
- A paper bowl
- Small paintbrush
- Light Blue acrylic paint
-  A few pieces of paper towel
- Craft glue
- A sharpie
- And a small container of Play-Doh

Step 2: Painting the Pistachio Shells

   Pour the acrylic paint into the paper bowl and using your paintbrush paint all of the Pistachio shells. Since things are probably going to get messy put the paper towels beneath your painting area. After you have painted the Pistachio shells, lay them down on one of the pieces of paper towel. Don't worry if you splash paint on something as acrylic paint can easily be removed by rubbing or using water.

Step 3: Cardboard Cutting

   Placing your cup upside down on top of the cardboard, carefully trace around the brim of the cup on the cardboard using the Sharpie. Then using the scissors, cut out the circle that you made on the cardboard. The size of your cup will determine the size of the Pistachio flower. 

Step 4: Play-Doh Pounding!

   Place the Play-Doh on top of the cardboard circle and smooth it out evenly over the piece of cardboard. Pound the Play-Doh with your hands to remove any bumps and or cracks in the clay. The color of your Play-Doh will be in the base and background for the Pistachio flower. 

Step 5: Applying Glue to the Play-Doh

   Using the Craft glue, thinly apply glue all over the Play-Doh. Then using your paint brush, spread the glue around over the Play-doh sort of how you would put tomato sauce over a pizza. If you apply too much glue on the Play-Doh, when you put on the Pistachio shells the glue will go through the cracks in between the shells.

Step 6: Arranging the Pistachio Shells

   Listen close because this step will affect the outcome of how your flower will look. Using three pistachio shells, Stick them into the Play-Doh in the middle of the cardboard base in a triangular fashion. Bunch the three shells close together using your fingers until there is a small opening in the middle of your pistachio shell structure. These three pistachio shells will be the bud of your flower. Then using the other pistachio shells, splay them out in an outward fashion around the bud and keep doing so until you reach the end of the Play-Doh. Take a good look at the flower and check that the shells gradually expand outwards similar to the flower form of a Zinnia. Hooray! you have now finished making a Pistachio Flower. I hope you enjoyed this Instructable and feel free to Vote, Comment, and favorite!

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