Introduction: Pistachio Hanging Ceiling Lamp

People uses pistachio in the regular meal and their shell are thrown in the dustbin. I wanted to make something creative and unique and I know many people have made the things using pistachio shell. I want to use the pistachio shell and make something useful which can be used in our daily life. So, I have decided to make a pistachio hanging ceiling lamp. It looks beautiful and easy to make. This light can glow your house and give a different look to home. It shows the creativity and artistic character of a person. You don’t need to invest extra money on these lights. These can be prepared by the materials which can be easily available at your home. People invest high amount of money in purchasing the lights from the market but by this method you can make lights from the waste materials like pistachio shell. So, you should try this for once, and trust me everyone will love this. Follow the step given below to make it perfect and beautiful. Let’s get started!


· Pistachio shell

· Balloon

· Glue

· Brush

· Bulb

· Glue gun

Step 1: Collect Pistachio Shell

Collect pistachio shell and clean them.

Step 2: Inflate the Balloon

First we have to inflate the balloon with air. After inflating the balloon, we have to apply glue on balloon and spread it with the help of brush. Then start pasting the pistachio shell in a sequenced way as shown in picture.

Step 3: Pasting the Shell

After pasting the shells on the balloon, leave it for 2-3 hours and make sure shells are completely dried.

Step 4: Remove Balloon

When shells are completely dried, remove the balloon from inside.

Step 5: Fix Thread to Bulb

Take a bulb and a plug. Fix the thread to the bulb with the help of glue gun.

Step 6: Fix the Thread

Fix the bulb to the pistachio lamp with the help of glue gun.Then, put the plug in to switch and here your pistachio hanging ceiling lamp is ready. You can now hang it on your wall or ceiling.

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