Introduction: Pixel Art During Quarantine

Hope you try this project


1. Post-its

2. Scissors

3. Clear tape

4. Colored pencils

Step 1: Google a Pixel Art Image

Step 2: Select an Image That Catches Your Eye (make Sure to Choose Wisely and Nothing Too Big)

Step 3: Decide Weather to Do It Digitally (Minecraft) or the Old Fashioned Way Using Post-its

Step 4: I Decided to Do the Post-it Method Since I Have a Huge Boring Wall in My Living Room and a Lot of Spare Post-its

Step 5: Crop the Photo So You Can Use Less White Post-its, Save Time and Money

Step 6: Count Each Pixel One by One to Find Out Exactly How Many Post-its You Will Need for Each Color or You Estimate How Many You Need and Hope for the Best (I Would Not Recommed Estimating)

Step 7: I Suggest to Buy the 3x3 White 90 Sheet 5 Pack Post-its at Any Office Store Such As Staples. You Can Then Color the Post-its With Colored Pencils, If Necessary.

Step 8: Color the Post-its in Advance or Mark Them While Assembling Them and Color Them Afterwards

Step 9: Be Precise: When Placing the Post-its, Ensure They Are Centered and Try Not to Rush the Process.

Step 10: Continoulsy Review and Crop the Photo to See Your Progress and Not Get Confused With the Row You Are Doing Next

Step 11: Use Clear Tape for Any Post-its That Are Sticking Up or Not Sticking to the Wall

Step 12: Color the Red and Black Marked Post-its When All of Them Have Been Place on the Wall (skip This Step If Post-its Were Colored Prior to Placing on the Wall)

Step 13: Share Your Completed Art With Family and Friends or Take Selfies and Post It on Your Social Media (this Step Is Optional)

Step 14: I Hope You Have Fun As Much As I Did When Creating This Art Work. Be Safe and Stay Healthy :-)

Step 15: Additional Information About This Pixel Art.

Total Post-Its Used: 682 (white=260; yellow=250; black=144; and red=28)

Time to Complete: One week (less time if more than one person)

Pixel Height: 6 feet tall

Pixel Width: 7 feet

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