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Introduction: Pixie Choppers

I'm always building bikes. It's my last stand. After this I'll have to go to therapy but that's not for a long time. So last summer I was in a bike building contest and in the heat of the summer I just lost it as it was eating me up. I was on the garage floor inspecting the new kick stand that needed some more thought and the sweat was just flowing onto the concrete. The honeymoon had lost it's edge and became to much like work. So..............to bring a smile back I needed this diversion................Pixie Choppers.

These boys and Auntie helped finish prep and paint these bikes as well as help to put them together. We had a blast and best of all they got to take them home.

I like to thank Brad Graham and Kathy McGowan from Atomic Zombie, the authors of "Chopwork Orange Chopper". Also Tim Anderson and "stasterisk"  for their work on the DIY welder which I have a few.


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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! So are these bikes you scavenged the parts of?


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Pretty much so.......I had a problem with one seatpost to fit, I must have lost it in all the excitement of the build. We just robbed one off another. My landfill is full of parts, I rarely have to buy. Mostly new tires or cables and paint. Here is one I did that I only bought the tires and white and black paint.
    Some of the bike parts were altered to perform tasks that they were not designed for