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Pizza Burger is my kids favorite meal but due to the 4 to 5 hours of slaving away in the kitchen and the cost of making it $70.00 on up, I make it about two times a year. This now my fourth year of making it, so I think I got the recipe down to where I like it. Each pizza burger will feed a small army of 20 or more.

Step 1: Ingredients

1 tube (10 Lbs) of hamburger 80% or higher lean or 2 tubes of 5 Lbs
2 or 3 onions.
4 large eggs.
2 bell peppers
5 Lbs of bacon. (3 Lbs of Bits and Ends and 2 or 3 Lbs of thick slice or what ever you like)
2 large self rising crust pizza. (Your favorite, I use pepperoni and supreme)
1 thin crust pizza same size as the other 2 pizzas. (Your favorite, I use pepperoni)
4 to 5 Lbs of cheese. (Mozzarella, Pepper Jack, ... use what you like)
5 Lbs of pulled pork
1 40 oz KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce
1 bottle of apple juice. (if you can, get it in 12 oz)

Remember to wash your hands every time before and after you work with raw meat and eggs.

Step 2: Cook Bacon

You'll have to break the pizza burger down into small steps.
I start with cooking the bacon. Preheat your oven to 375 F or 400 F and bake for 15 to 20 minutes, depending on how crispy you want your bacon. I lay the Bits and Ends out flat on a baking sheet on top of aluminum foil, for easy clean up.

While the bacon is cooking start making the burger.
Open up the hamburger and put in a large mixing bowl, dice up the 2 onions and the 2 bell peppers, add the 4 eggs and mix. I add about 2 to 4 Tb spoons of bacon grease to the burger and mix in. Put the burger to the side.

If you want sauteed onions, cut up the third onion in slices. Heat up a skillet on medium add bacon grease, once hot, caramelize the onion. Once done put in a bowl to the side.

Step 3: Cook Pizza

Once the bacon is done start cooking the pizzas. Follow directions on the pizzas on the temp and cooking time.

While the pizza is in to oven, take a sauce pan and pour in all of the KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce with about a cup to two cups of apple juice. Simmer on low heat and stir once in a while to keep the BBQ sauce from burning.

I did not have a third rack for the oven, so I cook the third pizza separate. I threw in the thick slice bacon on a baking sheet with the last pizza. When I opened the thin crust pizza box, it was a square pizza. Oh well, close enough. Once the pizza's are done, put them off to the side.(Try to keep them warm.)

Step 4: Cook Burger

Divide the burger into two equal portions. Spread both out on a separate pizza pans for the shape. Oven should be at 400 F and cook for about an hour. Remember to put a pan in the oven for catching the grease. I had forgot to put the pan in and had to drain the grease after a little flare up. Check the internal temp of the meat it should be 170 F. Once you reach the temp, take out of the oven.

While the burger is in the oven heat up the pulled pork BBQ. Microwave should be fine or you'll have to have another oven or just wait till the burger is done.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Putting it all together; self rising pizza first on a large baking sheet, add burger, bacon, cheese, sauteed onions, thin crust pizza, burger, bacon weave(see other instructions), pulled pork BBQ, BBQ sauce poured on top of the BBQ, cheese, add the other self rising crust pizza upside down, bacon and cheese. Have the one rack in the oven on the bottom so that you can cram the pizza burger in the oven, cook 
at 350 F for 30 minutes or until the cheese is melted. Cover with aluminum foil and set the oven to 200 F to warm it up. To serve cut into 1/2 inch to inch slices. have the rest of the BBQ sauce to the side to add as desired. Do not try to eat this as a regular pizza, you will be full on just a inch slice. If not go back for seconds. The finished picture of the pizza burger is what came home from the last potluck.

A lot of this is just what I remember and the last time I made it. I started in the morning at 8:00 am and was finished by 12:30 pm. I did not have to serve it till 5:30 pm. So it was in the oven warming up at 170 F.

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