Introduction: Pizza "Wings" Costume

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I created this pizza costume for a volunteer fundraiser for charity.  I wanted to make a costume that would open and close/ expand and contract. After lots of brainstorming and trial and error... I made this! 
This instructable shows you how to make the basic wings. You don't have to turn it into a pizza, it could be anything- a quesadilla, a sun... the possibilities are endless!

Pardon the saggy crust on the top- I explain that in the final step.

Full pizza pic by Chris Castillo, collapsed pizza pic by Pak Lai.

Step 1: Supplies

These are all the supplies you will need to make both halves of the pizza.

You will need:
  • 14 yard sticks (thick & strong ones, not wimpy & bendable)
  • 2 beige king-size bed sheets (thrift store- they don’t have to perfectly match, just be similar)
  • tape measure
  • pins
  • sewing machine with thread & heavy duty needle (like for jeans)
  • marker (brown or any color that will blend in on a pizza)
  • drill
  • drill bit (I used size 3/16)*
  • 2- 3” bolts (I used Pan Phillips Machine 10-24 x 3)*
  • 8 washers (I used size 3/16 I also used size #10 lock washers. Use either or both, it doesn't make too much of a difference)*
  • 4 nuts (I used hex nuts size 10-24)*
  • 2 cap nuts (I used size 10-24)*    
  • needle
  • thread (strong, like upholstery thread)    
  • fabric for toppings- I used sequined fabric (because I wanted to be a glamorous pizza) in red (pepperoni), green (bell pepper), gold (mushroom) and silver (anchovy). Or you can choose to just paint them. The choices for toppings are endless!
  • fabric paint: 3 jars of red (I used Jacquard Textile Paint, in True Red and Ruby Red (marinara sauce) and 1 jar of white (I used Jacquard Textile Paint in OP. White) mixed with 1 jar of Yellow (I used Jacquard Textile Paint in Yellow cheese). See pic below (The pic shows a different brand on the far right which I had to get because the store was out of red Jacquard Textile Paints.  I don't recommend Dye-na for your pizza because it is very watery)
  • brush
  • sponge (I used an old dish sponge- without a scouring pad on one side. I cut it into an “X”)
  • belt to cut (thick and strong, like a boy scout belt)- thrift store
  • a wearable sturdy belt (wide, sturdy, with eyelets)- thrift store
  • ice pick
  • plastic bags (grocery bags, or any kind of plastic packaging that you can use for stuffing)
  • wooden stick or dowel (something to push the stuffing in)
  • sticks, dowels, scraps of wood, chop sticks, broken plastic hangers (anything to glue on the back  as reinforcement)
  • glue gun (high temp)
  • glue sticks
  • iron-on fusing (to attach toppings)
  • iron
  • old t-shirt or rag
  • scissors
*you can use any size, as long as the drill bit, bolt, washers, nuts and cap nuts all match in size.

Step 2: Kneading the Dough (Placing, Marking & Sewing Channels for Yard Sticks)

  1. Fold a king size bed sheet in half and lay it out smoothly. Pin the edges so it doesn’t get misshapen.
  2. Grab 7 of your yard sticks. The other 7 are for the other half of the pizza.
  3. Measure the length to find the middle of one of the bed sheets along the folded edge and mark it. Lay 2 yard sticks along this fold, lengthwise (this is stick #1 and #7).
  4. Add the center stick (#4) in the middle where the 2 sticks along the fold are meeting. Adjust the sticks so that stick #4 is at a 90 degree angle with stick #1 and #7.  This should look like a giant “T” on it’s side. 
  5. Then lay stick #2 and #3 evenly in between the #1 and #4. Do the same with #5 and #6 by laying them between sticks 4 and 7.  Adjust them until they look evenly spread apart. You could use the tape measure to be more precise- 6” in from the outer end of the stick, there are about 13” between each stick. However, eye-balling this will be good enough. 
  6. Trace along the entire stick, for all 7 sticks. Number your sticks (this isn’t necessary but it helps).
  7. Take it to the sewing machine! Sew along the 2 long sides of the 7 sticks.  Stop sewing about 4 inches from the center area where all the sticks meet.  The pic shows Sticks #1 to 4 slipped inside the sewn channels and sticks #5 to 7 sitting on top before I sewed the channels and slipped them in.

Step 3: Drillin' & Hookin'

  1. Using a straight edge (like one of these many rulers you have lying around) mark an “X” within the first 1” mark on the yard sticks.
  2. Drill a hole at the center of the “X” on all 7 sticks.
  3. Test it out! Hook it together by threading a washer on the bolt then thread the bolt through the sticks. Thread additional nuts and washers and finish with a cap nut. (it's going to seam like the bolt is too long right now but that is because you haven't added the belt strap yet)
  4. It should fan out like this picture demonstrates.

Step 4: Feeding the Sticks Into the Sheet

  1. Now that you know it fans out nicely, take it apart.
  2. On the sheet, cut a semi circle out exactly at the center along the fold where the sticks all meet together (about 2 inches or so big). The lip can be seen in the pic.
  3. Start feeding each yardstick into its proper channel that you just sewed on the sheet. The pic shows the first 4 sticks fed into the channels with the bolt threaded through the hole.
  4. Now put the bolt, washers, nuts and cap nut back through the holes in your yardsticks.
  5. Trim the lip of the sheet where you cut the semi circle more if needed so that the fabric is nowhere near where all the sticks join. The fabric may cause it to jam up if it is in the way.

Step 5: Mark & Sew the Crust

  1. Practice opening and closing your pizza wing. Make sure it's working right before you move on.
  2. Lay it out smoothly on the floor. 
  3. Using a marker, draw along the edges of the sticks to mark a semi circle where the crust line will be sewn.  First mark along where the ends of the sticks are and connect the lines in between.
  4. Then, depending on how thick of a crust you want, mark a few inches (about 4”) out from the previous line and connect them. You are making a tube along the edge of your pizza that you will stuff later- this is the crust. 
  5. Take it apart again and stash the sticks and hardware to the side (because it is hard to sew with the sticks inside).
  6. Now, back to the machine! Sew along these 2 semi circle lines that you just drew. 
  7. Cut the excess bed sheet material off.

Step 6: Adding Toppings

  1. Toppings- using a thick paper or cardboard (cereal boxes work best) draw a jumbo pizza topping.  The easiest is peperoni because you can trace a lid or anything round. My pepperonis are about 7”x7”.  I also drew a mushroom, bell pepper slice and a fish for anchovies. 
  2. Then I traced the stencil on to sequined fabric with a marker and cut them all out using a rotary cutter. For the entire pizza, I cut 12  pepperonis, 14 bell peppers, 10 mushrooms and 8 anchovies. Half of each topping for each pizza half.
  3. Layout the pizza and place the toppings on it.
  4. Trace them. If you wish, you can mark them so that you know which topping goes where.

Step 7: Painting on Marinara Sauce & Cheese

  1. Add Marinara & Cheese- using a brush and fabric paint (I used Jacquard Textile Paint) lightly dab on the reds first, as marinara sauce. Let the paint mostly dry before moving on to the cheese.
  2. Using a sponge, dab on the yellow mixed with a little white as cheese.  During all painting, avoid the areas where the toppings will go because the iron-on fusing works best on the raw sheet. 
  3. Let it fully dry.  I left mine on the ground in the sun for most of the day, then I ran it in the dryer for about 10 minutes.

Step 8: Attaching Toppings

  1. Attach all your toppings to the pizza using iron-on fabric fusing.  Cut it into strips and sandwich it between the topping and the dough (sheet).
  2. Be sure to cover the toppings with an old t-shirt (or a rag) before ironing.  Placing the iron directly on the sequins will melt it.

Step 9: Stuff the Crust

Who doesn't love a little stuffed crust pizza!
  1. Slitting a hole (about 3" long) at the end of the crust, begin stuffing it with whatever you have that is lightweight. I used plastic bags and bubble wrap. Don’t be stingy. With wear, the stuffing falls inside the crust leaving the top limp so besure to stuff it enough to avoid this from happening. I used a wooden dowel to shove the stuffing all the way in. 
  2. Sew up the hole.

Step 10: Repeat!

Repeat! Unless you only want half a pizza. I made 2 pizza wings. On for each hip.

Photo by Pak Lai

Step 11: Wear Your Pizza: Hooking It Up

Here’s how to wear them:
  1. Thread the yard sticks into the channels in the pizza.
  2. Cut an old belt up into two 5” strips. Using an ice pick, punch a hole on each end of the belt strip, nearly 1” form the edges.
  3. On the bolt, thread a washer, the belt, another washer, the 7 yard sticks, a washer, the belt, another washer, nuts (to fill up any empty space), and a cap nut at the very end.

Step 12: Hook Your Pizzas to a Belt to Wear

  1. Put on the wearable belt with the eyelets and mark the center of your hips on the belt for each side.
  2. Run a zip tie through an eyelet in the wearable belt to the belt strip that is hooked to the pizza. Do this on both hips for each pizza.
  3. Add extra zip ties- I have 3 on each side.
  4. I spray painted the wearable belt red so that it matches the rest of the marinara themed outfit.

Step 13: Adding Handles

  1. I used the rest of the belt that I cut and hooked to the yard sticks earlier to make handles/straps on the back of each pizza side. This is not necessary, but i found that it makes it a lot easier to flare the pizza out when I am wearing it.  I used brown upholstery thread and a needle. Attach these straps on the back of the 1st yard stick on the left and right pizza.
  2. Be sure to tie the knots really well.

Step 14: Troubleshooting: Soggy Crust Dragging You Down?

Trouble shooting:
  1. The only issue I needed to solve in the end was a saggy, soggy, crust. if your crust is flopping over when you have the pizza wings fully extended, hot glue some dowels or chop sticks along the back along the crust the yard sticks.
  2. I also added a couple staples to secure the yard sticks into their channels. Especially around the opening and on the yard stick that has the handle/strap behind it.

Finished!!!!! Work that run way you glamorous pizza, you!
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