Introduction: Pizzabaguette

About: My purpose is show how good austrian food is and that we do not only have wiener schnitzel

This is a really easy recipe I always make when I'm too lazy for real cooking. But it really tastes awesome.


1 baguette
Tomato sauce
grated mozzarella
Italian herbs (parsley, basil, oregano, thyme)

Topping: ( You can use whatever you like e.g. salami,...)

country ham
rocket salad (I hope thats the right translation, it's called rucola in our country)

Step 1: Preparation

Mix the tomato sauce with the mozzarella (otherwise the baguette will absorb the tomato sauce) and spread it on the baguette. Season it with Italian herbs and put it in the oven (about 180°C = 365° Fahrenheit) till the cheese melts and the bread is cross. (If you use another topping like salami put it on the baguette before putting it in the oven)

Now top the baguette with country ham and rucola and you're ready to eat.