Introduction: Placing the Roof on a Backyard Play Set, Solo!

I have taken on the task of building the backyard play set for my Granddaughter. The kit was delivered along with a nice set of instructions. The instructions recommended that the kit be assembled by two people. Well some would consider this a warning. I took it as a challenge. I was able to figure out how to assemble all of it with the help of a couple of clamps and 2x4s. Getting the roof assembly up in place over 8ft and attaching it was my only big challenge. This is how I did it.

Step 1: Tip It Over

I got the idea to tip it when I recalled a friend telling me about living in rural West Virginia. He said many cars would have the passenger door crushed in. He said the men there had to fix their own cars and when a car needed transmission or clutch work, the owner would get some buddies to help him push the car onto its side. (Of course messing up the passenger door.) After the work was complete, same buddies to set the car back on all four wheels.

My friend said it was custom for a man to hold the driver door open to allow his woman to slide in to the passenger seat. This was done even if his car had a working passenger door.

So I decided instead of bring the roof to the top of the walls, I would tip the assembly and bring the top walls down to the roof.

Step 2: Place and Attach Roof

Slide the roof in place with the top walls. (It is made of cedar and is not very heavy. It is held in place with four bolts.

Step 3: Tip It Back Up

Just lift it back up and

gently set it upright. The next big chore will be to move it from the staging area on the patio to the play area. For this I will get my dog to pull it in place. He's not a very big dog but I have a whip.

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