Introduction: Plafond Knot

The plafond knot is a decorative with many uses. I have used it for zipper pulls, lanyards, luggage ID, zipper pulls and glued to magnets for refrigerator magnets. The strand ends can be trimmed close to the knot or a few inches away. They can be frayed of tied in a stopper knot.

Step 1:

Make a small bight and tie an overhand knot as shown. (left hand strand going over, under, over). Tie three more the same way

Step 2:

Put a hemostat through the overhand knots as shown, grab the strand that comes out the top and pull the strand through the knot. Turn the knot so that the lower strand is now coming out the top and repeat

Step 3:

Shift the top and bottom bights of the thumb to the left. Pull on the two strands and the loop in opposite directions to tighten

Step 4:

Shift the top and bottom bights of the thumb knot to the left. Pull bights A and B in opposite directions. Pull loop C and strands D in opposite directions

Step 5:

We Pull on A to take up slack of A1. Loop B is not marked

Step 6:

Pull on (a) to take up slack of loop A. Then pull on strand A to tighten the new loop A

Step 7:

Go through the same steps to remove the slack from old loop B. Repeat steps 4 - 6 until all slack is removed