Introduction: Plague Doctor Glowing Eyes Mask

What you’ll need
1 mt square of sinthetic leather
1 cardboard sized foam sheet
2 leds ( whatever color you want )
A 9v battery
2 resistances (IMPORTANT go to the last step and see the important advice in one of the images before you buy or get them)
1 sheet of acetate
Silicon gun and ammo
2 small soda cans
Cutting blade

Step 1: Download the Plans

There’s a tip at the bottom with all the accesible links

Step 2: Cut the Stencils

Cut them and make a skeleton with foam sheets you will use this as support for the sinthetic skin follow the instructions in this video but do not use the individual stencils for these will be perjudicial for the mask. Take your soda cans and cut them 2 inches from the bottom for this is the part that you’ll be using, with a can opener cut a hole into the bottom part and you will have your eyes.

Step 3: Cut the Skin

Make all the cuts half an inch out of the stencils so your mask has a more realistic effect, as for the forehead piece make it 1 inch wider and the holes half an inch larger than the diameter of the cans you will use , and the large stripe that goes down the mask must be wider (see image) so you can bend the sides to the center and paste them to make the sides smooth and look nice. Paste the skin pieces to their foam equivalents with the silicon gun (paste the side pieces prior to the forehead piece) make sure you don’t put the silicon too close to the edge so it doesn’t spread out when you paste it.

Step 4: Acetates and String

Once you have your mask all covered in leather you can paste the string that will attach it to your face.
Cut two circles from acetate ,slightly smaller than the soda cans and with silicon paste them from the inside of the can.

Step 5: LED Circuit

Watch this video to learn how to read resistor code