Introduction: Plastic Bag Flip Flop

Learn how to turn a bunch of bags into a wearable flip flop!

Step 1: Find Plastic Bags

Grocery stores, or larger retailers like Target and Walmart are a great place to go for plastic bags. You will need at least 10 in total.

Step 2: Turn Bags Inside Out

Turn 10 bags inside out

Step 3: Layer Inside-out Plastic Bags on a Piece of Foil

After you have turned 10 bags inside out, put them in one bag and place them on top of a piece of foil. Fold the foil over the bags.

Step 4: Iron the Bags

Place the iron on the folded foil and iron back and forth for 10-15 minutes on each side.

Step 5: Iron Until the Plastic Becomes Strong

After ironing for 10-15 minutes on each side, your plastic should feel hard and less fluffy. Make sure to keep at least one end of the plastic bag fluffy.

Step 6: Trace Shoe on Hard Plastic

Take a shoe that is the size that you want and trace it on the hard plastic. Cut out your tracing.

Step 7: Cut the Fluffy Part of the Top of the Bag in Two.

On the remaining fluffy part of the bag, cut the top of the bag in two.

Step 8: Cut the Two Fluffy Sides Into Three

Now that you have two different sides of the fluffy part, cut each side into three strips. You should have six strips in total when you are done. Starting on one side, begin braiding the three strips together.

Step 9: Braid Both Sides

Braid both sides, so that you have two braids on the top of the shoe.

Step 10: Draw and Cut Two Holes

About half-way down the sole of the shoe, draw two small holes on each side. Use a knife, or other sharp tool to poke holes and pull the braids through.

Step 11: Tie Knots on Either Side.

Now that you have the braid poked through the hole that you cut, tie a knot on the backside.

Step 12: Flip the Shoe Over... and You're Ready to Flop!