Introduction: Plastic Bottle Cap Ornaments

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I'm an avid bottle recycler with a tendency to hoard the caps... for purpose! We always have the same brands of bottled water and sports drinks around, so that lends to making crafts with uniformity. Here, I've used the caps to make tree ornaments. I find them dainty and cute, using up a lot of my scraps from my craft corner as bling. This is a great craft for kids to decorate after you've hot glued the caps together.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need:

  • plastic bottle caps
  • spray paint
  • string
  • hot glue gun with glue
  • white glue
  • glitter
  • tweezers
  • sequins
  • hole punch tool or sharp metal skewer
  • ribbon
  • beads

Step 2: Spray Paint the Caps

Take your caps outside and give them a good coating of spray paint. I went with a shiny metallic silver. Allow to dry completely.

Step 3: Making String Hangers

To make the string hangers, cut a piece of string about 7 or 8 inches long then knot the ends to make a loop. Make one loop for each ornament.

Step 4: Hooking the Small Ornament

Simply place the knotted end of the loop inside the middle of a small bottle cap and hot glue it down.

Add a thin line of hot glue all around the lip of the bottle cap, then place another small bottle cap on it and hold closed.

Step 5: Adding Glitter

Place ornament in a plate or pan with edges to catch debris. Apply a nice, thick layer of white glue to any areas you'd like some sparkle.

Immediately sprinkle the glitter on. Shake excess off.

Step 6: Sequin Designs

Grab a sequin with your tweezers and dip the backside onto the top of the glue bottle to grab just a bit.

Gently drop the sequins down to make designs. Allow to dry.

Step 7: Making Big Ornaments

Think of this big ornament as a double beef patty burger with two tiny buns (the way all burgers should be). Glue together two larger caps.

Glue a small cap on top.

Take another small cap and pierce the middle with a hole punch or sharp metal skewer.

Thread it with one of the string loops from earlier.

Add a blob of hot glue on the inside of the hole to seal shut.

Glue stringed cap onto the other side of "hamburger"

Step 8: Decorating Big Ornaments

Glue some ribbon around the sides of the ornament.

String a bead onto the top of the ornament.

Step 9: Hang Your Work

Hang those babies and save the earth!