Introduction: Plastic Bottles Experiment

The "realization system" allows a variable dimension according to the number of bottles at our disposal. What we are going to create can be used as an informal seat, mattress, rug, divider (if hung), lighting system (if equipped with light sources). It can become an artistic installation of environmental complaint or, using the properties of air and plastic, an excellent insulator, even a raft or a water rescue device.

Do not underestimate the sound component and the different “behavior” of the bottles when they are closed and full of air or when they are perforated to allow compression.

What I realized must be understood as an example.

Step 1:

Find a lot of plastic bottles and a grid that fits on the bottle's neck (diameter: 27mm)

Step 2:

Clean the bottles and prepare them by cutting the "cap's collar". Fix the bottles on the grid using a pair of pliers. Screw the bottle caps back on to the bottles. Video at:

Step 3:

Cut the grid to create the foldable sides.

Step 4:

Close the side's corners with a metal wire.

Step 5:

Make a through hole on the bottom of each bottle.

Step 6:

You are done! Now sit and CRACK IT! Video at:

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